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“Large corporations and some progressive trade show companies were already investing in digital alternatives and virtual trade shows,” confirms David Bedford, director of marketing for V-Ex. “Current events have meant that plans are accelerated and the number of visitors to events already open like has exploded.”

virtual exhibition platform

There are a host of practical and green benefits to hosting an event online. Aside from the added convenience for visitors of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no need to travel; in addition to using an iPad, PC or mobile phone. Although webinars have been around for several years, there is currently only one real option when it comes to a large-scale trade show.

V-Ex virtual environments are designed at full scale and run on all web browsers and multimedia devices. From the point of view of sustainability, a virtual exhibition stand or event consumes even less than 1% of the resources of a physical alternative.

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Information on virtual exhibitions V-Ex

The V-Ex virtual exhibition platform was designed from the ground up as an interactive 3D environment to support large trade shows and conferences with hundreds of stands and thousands of visitors. The application is currently in its fourth generation, with 10 years of use and development behind it. V-Ex enables live event and venue owners to expand into the virtual world, giving exhibitors the ability to engage with a global audience, 365 days a year. A powerful CMS and analytics package stimulates visitor engagement while providing vital feedback and generating qualified leads in real time.

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